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The new year is among us and unlimited possibilities and potential await us. Start your new year with dental crowns. Dental crowns can turn a damaged tooth into a fully functional member of your jawline once more, and remove the stigma that comes with a damaged mouth. Our dentists at Creative Dental Group can customize your crowns to match your healthy natural looking teeth for an aesthetically-pleasing and conformed smile.

If you are unsure what dental crowns could do for you, ask yourself these questions:

– Has it been longer than six months since your oral exam at Creative Dental Group?
– Do you have any tooth irregularities?
– Do you want a better smile that is fuller and brighter?
– Do you have any dental bridges or dental implants you wish to cover?
– Do you have any teeth that are at high risk for tooth decay?
– Do you have weak teeth that are damaged or frayed?
– Do you have any broken teeth that are split or cracked?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, dental crowns custom-fitted by Creative Dental Group could be the treatment you are looking for. To schedule an oral exam with Dr. Purvesh Malaviya, please contact our office at 508-990-9900. Our office is in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Come in today and make your smile great for tomorrow!