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Invisalign® your with smile with orthodontics on the go. The clear plastic aligners of Invisalign are designed to fit into your mouth, but also to fit into your lifestyle. In the past, aligners and braces required food restrictions to avoid damaging the product or your teeth and gums. With Invisalign, your aligners can be removed to allow you the freedom to eat whatever you choose. After eating, simply clean your mouth and re-snap the aligners back into place. In addition:

– Teeth and gums are healthier with Invisalign. Cleaning your teeth is much easier when they are straightened correctly.
– Invisalign lowers the chance for plaque buildup to stowaway in hidden corners of your smile.
– Invisalign aligners are a clear and nearly invisible orthodontic treatment option.
– Each Invisalign aligner system is designed and customized for each patient, with the planning and help of our orthodontists at Creative Dental Group, thus ensuring the maximum possible fit and final look of the treatment.
– There are no metals or wires involved with Invisalign, as the system consists of a patented thermoplastic material designed with safety and comfort in mind.
Invisalign can be used for a host of oral ailments including:

– Misalignments
– Gaps between your teeth
– Improper spacing between teeth or overcrowded teeth
– Bad bites and improper jaw alignments including overbites, underbites, open-bites, closed-bites, and misplaced midlines.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign and to set up an appointment, contact Dr. Purvesh Malaviya at our office in New Bedford, Massachusetts, by calling our team at 508-990-9900. Take the time to Invisalign your smile!