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A good night’s sleep does wonders for all parts of your body. From increasing your mental alertness to aiding in weight loss, you need your eight hours.

For some of us, though, getting those eight hours is a big chore. This is due to the pervasiveness of sleep apnea, a disease that affects the sleeping patterns of millions of adults in the country.

However, there’s a way to end your sleep apnea – and a visit with Dr. Purvesh Malaviya here in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is just the thing you need.

Why a dentist?

Does it seem odd to make an appointment here at Creative Dental Group than your general practice doctor if you want to treat sleep apnea? A lot of people think so, but the truth is that quite a few sleep apnea issues are caused by jaw problems – and dentists happen to know quite a bit about the jaw, how it works, and how to address any problems.

How does it get treated?

The most popular way to treat sleep apnea is through the use of an oral appliance – commonly referred to as a snore guard – which tilts your jaw back while sleeping, allowing for a smoother passage of air through your nose and throat.

If you think this type of treatment could help your sleep apnea, call us today at 508-990-9900 to schedule an appointment.