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What do you know about cavities? Have you heard cavities are an issue you should try to have addressed as soon as possible? Would you be surprised to hear that cavities are quite common, or many people have tooth decay but don’t recognize it? As you might already know, you should try to have a cavity addressed as soon as possible. Still, do you know how you can recognize a cavity on your own?

In reality, there are several symptoms you can watch for. There are a few signs you can actually see, such as brown or black stains or a hole in your teeth. However, pain is usually the first symptom people notice. This is because the teeth in the back of your mouth tend to be harder to clean, which leaves them more vulnerable to cavities. Since most cavities form in the back of your mouth, you may have a hard time spotting a cavity.

Again, it’s important to have any problems with your oral health addressed as quickly as you can because cavities will continue to spread and are not addressed. If they aren’t treated quickly enough, you’ll need more extensive treatments to protect your teeth, including root canal therapy.

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