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Did you know that harmful acids cause dental erosion? When your mouth is not adequately cleaned, bacteria begins to pool. Over time, these bacteria can form a thin, sticky layer called plaque. The plaque will eventually harden and become tartar, which often can only be removed by your dentist. To prevent the risk of dental erosion, keep your mouth clean and clear of bacteria.

The products you eat and drink could be increasing your risk of dental erosion or even the rate at which it is occurring. Always make sure to clean your mouth after meals. However, brushing may be too abrasive if done too close to mealtime, so try a supplemental tool such as mouthwash or sugarless gum to assist you. Never replace brushing or flossing from your daily routine.

A low pH in foods and drinks is an indicator of its acidity. The lower the pH, the higher its acidity. Some products, including sour sweets, have a pH level so low that their acidity is nearly comparable to battery acid. Always avoid products that have a low pH level or are known to be acidic.

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