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On the road to better oral health care, you may come across a few bumps. One particularly devastating bump can be an accident or injury that leaves you with lost teeth. However, missing teeth can be replaced. Cross your toothless gaps with dental bridges. Here are some things you should know about dental bridges:

– Dental bridges typically last anywhere from ten years to a lifetime with normal use.
– Bridges prevent your teeth from moving or shifting, as can often happen due to gum destabilization in the expanses around a missing tooth.
– Bridges can lower your potential of having tooth decay and gum disease as they fill in gaps in your smile that can typically become safe havens for bacteria and food debris when teeth are lost.
– Bridges can work to fix your facial structure.
– Bridges can fill in empty gaps and voids formed by missing teeth.
– Bridges can restore lost functions and skills that can occur from missing or lost teeth, including chewing, speaking, and eating.

For help with dental bridges, Dr. Purvesh Malaviya and our team at Creative Dental Group are here to give you the smile you desire. If you would like to schedule an appointment to come see us at our office in New Bedford, Massachusetts, please contact us at 508-990-9900 to speak with a member of our team. Don’t let missing teeth control your life. It’s time to fight back and get the smile you deserve!