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Despite the name, crown lengthening has nothing to do with the royal family. Actually it is a routine oral surgery procedure and one that your dentist may use to address a problem with a tooth that needs to be fixed. Crown lengthening is done when there is not enough of the tooth above the gum line for the dentist to apply a filling or a crown. The tooth may be broken off at the gum line, or there may be too much gum tissue present to administer the treatment to the tooth, or there is decay below the gum line.

In such a case, in order to put the filling or crown in place, Dr. Purvesh Malaviya at Creative Dental Group will need to remove some of the gum tissue. First the dentist will meet with you to review your medical history, perform an examination and take x-rays. You will set a date for your surgery and probably set a date for a cleaning beforehand. You may get a temporary crown or filling to keep the problem in check while you are waiting for your surgery date.

During the procedure, the doctor will make cuts to pull the gums away from the tooth, exposing the root and some of the bone. The doctor may need to remove some of the bone in the process. Once enough of the tooth has been exposed, the area will be washed and the gums stitched together. When the site has healed, the doctor will replace the temporary crown of filling with a permanent one. The healing period is approximately three months.

It’s important that you follow your post-operative instructions and keep your follow-up appointments. You should contact us if the bleeding around your gums does not stop, your pain medicine does not work, or if anything appears out of the ordinary.

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