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If you ever find yourself struggling with your oral health care treatments due to the routine occurrences of oral accidents or injuries, it’s important to establish effective prevention plans. Because blunt trauma can destroy your smile in seconds, you will need to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to minimize the risk. This includes the use of mouthguards, which come with the following attributes:

– Children often need to have their mouthguards replaced more often as they often outgrow them.

– If for any reason your mouthguard becomes damaged, visit your dentist for a repair or replacement.

– Never leave your mouthguard in the sun or in hot water.

– Keep your mouthguard out of reach of children and family pets, as they are not chew toys.

– Custom-made mouthguards are designed to fit your dental profile perfectly. They’re designed by your dentist to match your exact dental profile.

– Boil and bite mouthguards are customized for your mouth by inserting them in hot water and then biting down on them to create your dental impression.

– Stock mouthguards are pre-formed and ready-to-wear although they do not match your exact dental profile.

– When caring for your mouthguards, always soak them in cool, soapy water to keep them free of contamination.

A mouth guard can be designed for you with the help of our team of experts at Creative Dental Group. If you need a dentist in New Bedford, Massachusetts, you can schedule an appointment with one of our skilled dentists, Dr. Malaviya and Dr. Sardharaat by calling us at 508-990-9900.