Damaged Dental Work Needs to Be Examined by a Dentist

Dental work like crowns and bridges are often used to repair or replace a severely compromised or missing tooth. They are typically created from durable materials meant to replicate natural tooth enamel. Just like your natural teeth, it is possible to chip or fracture a piece of dental work. This is even more likely to… Read more »

Avoiding Foods That Can Damage Your Smile

If you want to preserve your smile, then you need to watch your diet. Your diet may contain products that look innocuous or are safe for your waistline, but might not be safe for your gum line. For a healthier and safer smile, read on. Be cautious about eating sticky or chewy foods that tend… Read more »

Protecting Your Pearly Whites From Cavities

As you may have already experienced in your lifetime, a cavity can be both painful and inconvenient. This is because when tooth decay attacks smile, it creates holes in tooth enamel, and you are left with pain as the decay reaches the nerves. Treated early on, a cavity can be fixed with a dental filling…. Read more »

Proper Care of Your Dentures

Just as you brush your natural teeth, full and partial dentures need to be cleaned on a regular basis. After every meal, you should run your dentures under a faucet to rinse away any leftover food. Dentures also need to be brushed, and there are special toothbrushes available that are designed to accommodate dentures. A… Read more »

Crown Lengthening

Despite the name, crown lengthening has nothing to do with the royal family. Actually it is a routine oral surgery procedure and one that your dentist may use to address a problem with a tooth that needs to be fixed. Crown lengthening is done when there is not enough of the tooth above the gum… Read more »

Cross Your Toothless Gaps with Dental Bridges

On the road to better oral health care, you may come across a few bumps. One particularly devastating bump can be an accident or injury that leaves you with lost teeth. However, missing teeth can be replaced. Cross your toothless gaps with dental bridges. Here are some things you should know about dental bridges: –… Read more »

A Tooth with an Existing Filling and a New Cavity Might Need a Crown

The teeth in your mouth is clad with a tough outer layer of tooth enamel. To effectively treat a small cavity, Dr. needs to remove a modest amount of tooth enamel before applying a filling at . If a new cavity develops on the tooth later on, there might not be enough healthy tooth enamel… Read more »

Is Bruxism Secretly Wrecking Your Smile?

Is bruxism secretly wrecking your smile? Bruxism is a common, yet often undetected sleep disorder caused by grinding or gnashing your teeth while unconscious, and often done while asleep. Treating bruxism can be done fairly easily with night guards or bite plates, but the real task is determining if you even suffer from it, to… Read more »

Harmful Acids Cause Dental Erosion

Did you know that harmful acids cause dental erosion? When your mouth is not adequately cleaned, bacteria begins to pool. Over time, these bacteria can form a thin, sticky layer called plaque. The plaque will eventually harden and become tartar, which often can only be removed by your dentist. To prevent the risk of dental… Read more »

The Fact About Cavities

What do you know about cavities? Have you heard cavities are an issue you should try to have addressed as soon as possible? Would you be surprised to hear that cavities are quite common, or many people have tooth decay but don’t recognize it? As you might already know, you should try to have a… Read more »